Roofing Materials

We have different types of roofing materials to consider when you want to build your homestead. Below is some tit the popular ones to look for.

Solar tiles

Solar tiles are one of the best roofing materials to consider, given there many benefits. They are good for Sunny areas. They are good at helping one of the set costs with solar panels that can be installed.

Metal roofing

They come in vertical panels or sometimes shingles. They are a very durable band that can last up to 60 years.


Slate roofing materials can last up to 100 years. They are waterproof and resistant to fungus and mold. Slate is a good roofing material in a wet climate, but you will have to incur an extra cost. They are heavy and can break when stepped on.

Green roofs

These are roofs that are covered by plants and improve the quality of air, insulate homes, reduces water runoff, and note significantly reduces urban heat.